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Garage Door Repair in Bessemer City NC

When problems happen with your garage door system, it’s very difficult to deal with. A door that won’t move, or only moves very slowly or unreliably, can stop you getting to work on time. It can leave you standing in the pouring rain as you struggle to crank it open by hand, or hoping that it will keep working long enough to let you and the family get out on vacation. None of these garage door problems is unsolvable - our team of experts is ready to provide a fast and effective solution.

Reliability Through Top Quality

We emphasize the importance of safety in everything we do. When you’re dealing with a garage door system that hoists at least 150lbs (and probably more) of door panels overhead, it’s absolutely vital that every component can be trusted to work properly. That’s why we’ve developed relationships with the top manufacturers in the business, such as Clopay, Windsor and LiftMaster. You can be certain that the components in your garage door are of the highest quality, and can be trusted to deliver the reliability you expect from your garage door.

Ready When You Need Us

Garage door breakdowns can happen at any time. An opener that appears to be working fine one day may simply refuse to work the next, leaving you high and dry when you need to get in or out of the garage. Because you can’t predict when a fault will occur, our team is on hand to help 7 days a week. In addition to weekday and weekend appointments, our technicians can be scheduled for same-day services when you have an urgent problem. This means that no matter what your issue is, you won’t be kept waiting for it to be fixed.

Here Are Some Of The Garage Door Services We Provide in Bessemer City:

Garage Door Opener Repair

The most complex single component within the garage door system is the opener, which consists of many electrical systems working together. From the circuit board to the drive gear, there are a whole range of issues that this component can develop, and it can be hard to diagnose garage door problems that occur. Thanks to our many years of experience in the industry our technicians are well-placed to offer a solution; they’ll quickly find and fix any problem you’re having.

Garage Door Installation In Bessemer City NC

Your home can stand to benefit immensely from a new garage door. Not only do new doors look great, with a range of materials including real wood, steel and aluminum, they provide plenty of other enhancements besides. They’re lighter and better-insulated than older garage doors, and typically offer enhanced security with better and stronger locks. There are dozens of different types of door to choose from, even from a single manufacturer, so our technicians provide guidance on what to look for when choosing a new unit. Our team then completes the garage door installation for you, ensuring the new door works perfectly from day one of operation.

Broken Spring Replacement

One major component that’s often under-appreciated are the springs that support your garage door. It’s these components that do all the heavy lifting when the door is in operation, and they will eventually wear out. When this happens the balance of your door will be affected, making it potentially unsafe to use - our technicians will regularly check your overhead door for signs that this is happening. If springs aren’t replaced in time they can fail altogether, which is very dangerous; if your door is sagging or wobbling at all, you should contact our team immediately.

Garage Door Maintenance

Many homeowners pay little attention to the condition of their garage door, but many common issues can be avoided with some regular care and attention. Our technicians will check for signs of wear and damage to components, apply lubrication to moving parts, and test the balance of your garage door springs. This provides an opportunity to catch little issues before they turn into big ones, eventually saving you time, money and stress.

Garage Door Repairs

Your automatic overhead door system consists of hundreds of interconnected electrical and mechanical components, all of which must work perfectly together in order to provide a reliable system. When one part fails, this can cause a cascade of issues throughout the system that can be hard to pinpoint and fix. Thanks to more than a decade of experience within this industry, our team is ready to find and solve any garage door problem you’re having, from broken spring and misaligned safety sensors to malfunctioning opener units.

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