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Garage Door Repair in Stanley NC

When your garage door system breaks down, it poses a big problem. You’ll find it hard to go about daily life when you’re dealing with a door that isn’t safe to use, or sometimes doesn’t move at all. This situation is more common than many homeowners imagine; there are plenty of different things that can go wrong in such a complex machine. When problems arise, you need a fast and professional garage door repair company that can guarantee a solution to any problem.

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There’s no planning for when an automatic overhead door breakdown will occur. Because garage door springs can break suddenly, electric openers can develop glitches seemingly overnight, and accidents can happen, our team is ready 7 days a week to help restore your system to working order. For urgent problems our technicians are available for same-day emergency garage door repair services, so when something goes wrong you can be certain that we’re ready to help.

Only The Best For Our Customers In Stanley NC

After more than a decade in the industry we know what works best. There’s no substitution for reliability, and we only work with suppliers who produce parts which meet our high standards. We use components from top brand names like Linear, Craftsman and Clopay to ensure that our customers always receive the best treatment around. This is an essential part of providing a safe door system; such a large and complicated machine must be fitted with totally reliable components, otherwise it can potentially become a danger to you and your family.

Here Are Some Of The Garage Door Services We Provide in Stanley:

Garage Door Opener Installation

Probably the most important part of the whole system is the garage door opener. That’s not just because it controls the movement of the door, and is in constant use throughout its lifecycle. It’s also because many of the garage doors built-in safety features such as auto-reverse and safety sensors, are built into the opener itself. If it starts to malfunction it can make your overhead door unsafe and potentially dangerous to use. When opener units break down, it can be an opportunity to invest in a new belt, screw or chain drive system from a top manufacturer like Genie or Liftmaster. Our team is always ready to provide advice and installation for any new opener system.

Garage Door Maintenance

As with any complex machine, the many moving parts of a garage door will require lubrication, cleaning and adjustment over time. Springs balance will need to be checked, and any signs of damage have to be addressed. Maintenance is key to keeping your door working safely and reliably in the long term, and also helps to avoid many of the expensive repairs that can be required if parts are neglected.

Broken Spring Replacement

Without the heavy-duty torsion and extension springs that are fitted to your garage door, it wouldn’t be able to move. It’s these components that bear the brunt of the unit’s weight whenever it moves, and they must be carefully kept in balance. When they wear out it can be dangerous; a broken spring will simply drop the garage door onto anything below it, and it will be difficult to use the door until a new spring is fitted. Our team offers quick spring replacements as well as checking the balance of your existing units.

Garage Door Installation

If you’re thinking of upgrading your home, the garage door is an excellent place to start. Modern units from top companies like Windsor and Raynor offer a huge host of benefits over older systems. They’re stronger, lighter, better-insulated and often available in a wider range of styles. From aluminum and steel to real wood, there’s a vast range of choices available to you, and our technicians will help you to find and install the perfect one for your home.

Garage Door Repair

There are lots of ways that your home’s garage door system can fail. Opener circuit boards might develop glitches, springs can wear out or even snap, and safety sensors can be knocked out of alignment. This is just the start; every one of the hundreds of parts that makes up the automatic garage door system can fall victim to a fault in one way or another. Our team has the skills and the experience to find and fix whatever issue you’re having.

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